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Frequently asked questions

Q: Does SkyBox require all my inventory computers to have an internet connection?

Q: Does SkyBox consume internet connection bandwidth?
Yes, but only marginal. Each computer will consume only about 25 kilobytes of internet bandwidth per month. Or said another way - 1000 computers will upload only 25 megabytes of data per month. This low consumption is possible because data are sent at the most once a day and only when there are changes. If there was no software installed or removed from the previous day for example, no software data are uploaded. In addition, the data is compressed.

Q: Can a third party get my inventory data?
No. Data are encrypted and compressed. It can only happen, if you give your logon credentials to someone else.

Q: How can you possibly know where my computers are?
When data are sent to the SkyBox server, it happens over HTTPS. The IP address of the sender's NAT router is part of the protocol and this information is cross-referenced to internet service provider (ISP) registration data. The expected accuracy is at a city level.

Q: How can SkyBox help me with stolen computers?
You get the public IP address of the thief's router. The SkyBox client does not require anyone to log on to a computer to upload data, so when the thief turns on the computer, the inventory data is sent transparently. You can now see the public IP address and upload time in your client view and give to the police. The police can then get the name and address of the IP address owner from the thief's internet service provider (ISP).

Q: What happens when I delete a computer?
The collected data associated with the computer is deleted. If the computer then turns out to be alive after all, the computer will show up again next time it uploads inventory data.

Q: What is FastTrack Scripting Host and FastTrack Automation Studio?
FastTrack Automation Studio is an automation product built on FastTrack Scripting Host, which is the automation engine. FastTrack Scripting Host itself is a scripting language like PowerShell, VBScript and KiXtart. What is special about it compared to the others is that it has built-in commands to act as a replacement for the SkyBox Client. The reason for this is that you can then use FastTrack scripting logic to include custom information to your SkyBox. If you are within a maintenance period of FastTrack, you automatically have a free SkyBox account. FastTrack customers can get the same configuration-less behavior as the SkyBox Client by compiling a Windows Installer package; refer to the FastTrack Inventory page for more information.

Q: What can I use custom attributes for?
SkyBox Client is not configurable and therefore cannot include any logic. If you use FastTrack on the other hand, the upload is controlled by a script. This means that you can collect and upload serial numbers, collect information about the logged on user from the Active Directory or collect any other information you would want to associate to the computer. You can then export this data from the "Client View" tab to Excel for example.

Q: Is it the SkyBox Client or my SkyBox account that is licensed?
The SkyBox Client is free, but you need a SkyBox subscription to view the collected data. Because it is a subscription service, the way you renew is simply to log on and buy new subscription time from the "Buy" menu using your email address as identification. If you have bought FastTrack, it includes a subscription as long as you are within a maintenance period.

Q: What happens when my subscription runs out?
Your computers will continue to collect data. You will however not be able to see the collected information until you have an active subscription again. To re-open your subscription, click the "Buy" menu and purchase more subscription time. Your email address is automatically matched to your subscription. If you decide not to renew, remember to uninstall the SkyBox Client from your computers to stop the data upload.

Q: How do I upgrade my license from Basic to Professional?
If your current subscription is expired, you can just purchase Professional instead of Basic. If your current subscription is not expired, please contact us for conversion using the "Contact" menu.

Q: How do I buy more computer accounts?
Make sure you use the same email address during purchase, and the new order is automatically matched to your subscription. You will now see the number of active licenses increased under "My SkyBox".