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Installation Guide

To use SkyBox, your computers need a piece of software installed called "SkyBox Client". This software is what is uploading the data to this web site and is what you are licensing. The amount of data uploaded from the SkyBox Client is marginal; please refer to the FAQ page for more information. If you have any questions not answered on this page, please use the "Contact" menu.
Setup options

SkyBox Client Download

When you have purchased SkyBox Client licenses and log on with your account, you will see a table like the one to the right on the "My Accounts" page. This page explains why there is more than one option and how to use each option. If you do not have an Active Directory, you should focus on the first two options only.

SkyBox vs FastTrack

If you have a need to include custom data such as Active Directory information or license keys to your inventory, you can use FastTrack as an advanced replacement for the SkyBox Client. Refer to the FastTrack Inventory page at fasttrackscript.com for more information.

Client install option 1: You are installing the SkyBox Client

If you are a small company and you are installing the SkyBox Client on computers yourself, use the top "Setup Exe File" option to download a normal installation package. This is the same type of setup file that you received, if you requested a trial. The trial setup file is not the same as your licensed setup file and must therefore be removed before installing the setup file.

Client install option 2: Your users are administrators and they must install the SkyBox Client

If you are a small company and your users are administrators, you can ask them to install the SkyBox Client themselves. The second "Direct Exe Download Link" option will give you a direct copy/pastable link to your setup exe file from option 1. This unique link does not require login, so you can just copy the link into an email and ask your end users to install it. The installation will do an immediate upload on successful installation, so you can quickly verify that they have done so by looking for their computers in your inventory.

Client install option 3: You have a domain logon script

If you have a domain logon script, you can use the third "Upload Exe File" download button to download what is called an upload exe file. All this exe file does is to do one upload on the executing computer and nothing else. If you run this executable file as part of your existing logon script, there is nothing more you need to do and there is no need to install the SkyBox Client on your computers.

The drawback of this option is that you will not get frequent updates of your inventory, especially on servers, as you only get updates, when someone logs on to a computer. If you are using FastTrack instead of the SkyBox Client, you can use the "UploadInventory" command in your FastTrack-based logon script instead to get the same functionality.

Client install option 4: You have an Active Directory or a management system such as SCCM

If you have an Active Directory or a Management System, you can distribute a Windows Install (MSI) file automatically. You can download an MSI file by selecting the fourth "Setup MSI File" option.